2016-2017 MAPS Director Positions

President: Quynh Le

Symposium Director: Miguel Gonzalez

Conference Director: Hunter Neubarth

Banquet Director: Steffi Casimir


Vice President of Operations: Luderve Rosier

Educations Director: Nadia Jafir

Health Outreach Director: Silvia Huaman

Shadowing Director: Ollie Dixon

Vice President of Communications: Yesenia Lopez

Social Relations Director: Allia Hassan

Social Relations Director: Marcelle Mehu

Social Relations Director: Keisha Jenkins

Treasurer: Zarina Balde

General Fundraising Director: Reshma Shamnarine

General Fundraising Director: Pelumi Owoade

Fundraising Event Auditor: Mohamed Shbib


Secretary: Jamie Hernandez

Website Coordinator/Historian: Victoria Nguyen

Newsletter Editor/Historian: Vi Pham

YouTube Content Creator/Historian: Jesy Tantalean

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bryce Gambino

Relay for Life Director: Gabriel Bailey

Knight-Thon Director: Taylor Dennis

General Volunteer Director: Ryan Skelly